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VetPrep Mobile App Unleashed

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Dashboard Page:

  • Progress—This feature lets you see your overall progress with the questions completed. This % only goes up when you get a question correct. So, we can obviously see that I have some work to do.

  • Practice Questions—This feature allows you to practice NAVLE®-style questions in 3 different modes. I enjoy being able to select questions specific to a certain species or just from a random deck.

  • PowerPages—This feature summarizes species specific topics within a couple pages. I really like this feature because it gives you a thorough yet condensed picture over various topics. You can also print these summaries out and bring them with you. There are over 150 on VetPrep and more in the works!

  • PowerLectures—This is a specific feature of the premium subscription. These are short videos from 4mins-12mins on key topics. I LOVE these as it gives efficient information in a shorter amount of time.

  • Timed Exam—This allows you to take actual timed exams!

Practice Questions

The practice question section of the app is extremely easy to use and there’s 3 different categories to study from. You can practice questions from a random compilation of questions, specific species/category, or questions that you’re commonly missing. This is an example of how a question looks on the app. Some features that are important to note are the calculator and the “I don’t know” feature. The calculator is there to aid in any questions that require math and the “I don’t know” feature allows you to “skip” the questions and immediately be taken to the explanation. I’ve used the “I don’t know” feature a couple times already and it’s super nice because it will give you an explanation but also will include PowerPages or PowerLectures for additional information if they have it. The explanations at the end of each question are extremely helpful because it explains why the correct answer is the best choice but will also discuss the similarities/differences of the other choices. The explanations

help clarify my confusion between answers and I appreciate that it’s always clear and concise.


I really love that this is broken down by species and then subdivided by key topics! I’ve actually been using this to review topics that will be on my final exams next week. So really, this feature is not only useful in studying for the NAVLE® but also useful for studying current material you’re learning in vet school.


The PowerLectures are a feature in the premium subscription and honestly this feature alone makes it 1000% worth investing in the Premium subscription. For me, I’m a visual and auditory learner, so I value having the ability to review material this way. The videos are no longer than 12 minutes, so this gives you the opportunity to quickly freshen up on topics that might have slipped your brain. As a vet student about to enter clinics, I anticipate utilizing this feature whenever I have down time in the hospital or my eyes are tired of reading things.

Timed Exams

This feature allows you to take practice exams that are modeled off the NAVLE®. I have not utilized this feature yet but I know it will be extremely helpful in the months leading up to the NAVLE®.

I’m already loving the organization and accessibility this app offers. Clinics are weeks away and I plan to get in study questions any opportunity I get. Having all my study materials at my fingertips is going to make studying more convenient, especially during hectic days. Since I will be going abroad during my clinics before I take the NAVLE®, I will be able to utilize this app on the airplane (if there is wi-fi) and whenever I have down time.

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