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Navigating VetPrep on Your Laptop

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Now that I’ve unleashed the features of the VetPrep mobile app, it’s time to dive into the desktop version of this program! From the short amount of time I’ve had my subscription, I’ve absolutely loved using the mobile app due to its convenience of being able to study anywhere and everywhere. Since I’ve been in the middle of traveling before clinics, I’ve been utilizing the mobile app in airports, hotels, and anywhere I can access WiFi. I’ve now had the chance to explore a lot of the features with the desktop version and can definitely say there are some awesome tools within this version that I absolutely love and will motivate my studying for the NAVLE®.

So just like the mobile app, the desktop version has a personalized dashboard to welcome you and displays everything in a clear and concise fashion. If you read my blog post about the VetPrep mobile app, you’re probably familiar with most features provided.

You can still observe your own personal progress with the desktop version and we can all see that I have a long way to go (but I was so excited when I got 1% because you only increase your percentage when you get questions correct!). What’s different with this version is that you can also see the progress of others currently using VetPrep. Let me tell you, once I saw that everyone else is around 22%, I realized it’s time to step up my game. This feature might make you panic a little but will give you the motivation you need to keep trucking along.

The progress portion also displays the subscription time used, so this is helpful for monitoring how much you are getting accomplished with the time you have left. The date for your subscription expiration is also provided.

One of the coolest features is the detailed progress statistics, practice question history, and timed exam history. This information

shows where you’re strongest and weakest and this feature also allows you to allocate your study time more efficiently. With the statistics option, you can view your accuracy based on categories (equine, bovine, canine, exotics, feline, etc.) and sub-categories (gastrointestinal, ophthalmology, neurology, etc.). This feature is crucial for allowing you to plan out how you need to study based on your current knowledge base.

As you can see, my statistics really can improve overall but it’s nice to see where I’m at right now. Although I haven’t used my

subscription diligently yet, I can see that one of my stronger categories is ovine which makes sense since I just finished a small ruminant class. I really like that I can check in through this feature to see how I’m doing as I continue to study.

The practice question and timed exam histories allow you to review your full question history. I have not taken a timed exam yet, but I’ve added my own practice question history to show you how you can review questions you’ve already answered. I like that I can go back to see questions and reread some of the explanations. One thing I love about VetPrep and their explanations to questions, is that any answers or resources needed to understand the problem are already embedded within the question. That means you do not need to figure out why an answer may be right or wrong through an outside source. Everything you need to understand the material is right in front of you.

Just like the mobile app, the desktop version breaks down practice questions into randomized species, specific species, subcategories, and your most difficult questions. When going through practice questions on the desktop version, you can highlight, strike out, and add notes to a question. I enjoy this feature because it allows me to highlight relevant information to answer the question.

For those of you who like to have printed materials, VetPrep has not forgotten about you! When you are using the desktop version, you are able to download and print PowerPages. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Not only can you utilize these PowerPages for the NAVLE® study, you can also print ones that might be helpful for a current class or rotation you’re on!

After exploring and utilizing both the desktop and mobile app, I truly feel like I have the tools I need to effectively study for the next 7 months. It was important for me to find a resource that was organized, efficient, and motivating. I know clinics are about to be nuts but knowing that VetPrep can be tailored to my current lifestyle is reassuring. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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