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Favorite Clinical Year Rotations

Clinical year has come and gone but that doesn't mean I can't reminisce on my favorite rotations.

Shelter medicine—

I was fortunate to use 1/2 my externship at @indyhumane and my last rotation ever on our schools shelter med rotation. Both experiences helped build my confidence as a little doctor & both teams I worked with treated me as a doctor. I gained TONS of surgical experience and improved my ability to access the needs of my patients both during and following surgery. I probably completed close to 200+ surgeries by the end of both rotations and you just don’t get that experience on any other rotation 

Off campus — 

I was debating whether to include this or not but it wouldn’t be 100% truthful if I didn’t. I applied for multiple off campus rotations that would count as regular rotations in clinics rather than an externship rotation. I was able to go to Malawi and South Africa to pursue public health and wildlife focused experiences. Although I’m in GP now, I still plan to do public health/wildlife work each year (negotiated in my contract too) because it’s very important to me. Although I’m not pursuing this field full time, I do not think that having these experiences instead of others in hospital hurt my learning or put me behind my peers in terms of knowledge base. If anything, I got a more wholesome view of vet med and got to get out of the hospital  IMO, if you want to pursue an experience that may not directly line up with your future career (whether you know it at that point or not), I personally say go for it. You never know if that will be your last chance or if you’ll change your career interests later. I absolutely loved my time on this rotations and you can read about Malawi and South Africa on the blog. If you’re interested in a South African virtual experience check this link out. 

Large Animal Surgery  —

I tracked mixed animal because I wanted to gain experience with large animals too and I wouldn’t change it. This rotation was exhausting and I always felt on edge since I had little experience with large animals. I ended up loving it because 1. My friend was on my rotation and 2. I became a self proclaimed horse girl for 3 weeks with my first and one of my favorite patients ever. I learned a lot on this rotation and enjoyed working with the large animals even though I was nervous 1/2 the time 

Small Animal Internal Medicine— 

Honestly this was my most dread rotation AND I ended up taking it twice (by choice). Was it hard ? Hell yeah. Was I always at school? DUH. But I learned SO MUCH and what made it one of my favorite rotations (both times) were the people I got to work with. My first time, I had so many awesome block mates (and some that weren’t lol) but the clinicians, residents, and interns that were on with us were THE BEST EVER. Same with the second time I took the rotation. I loved my block mates !!! This rotation works you hard but if you put the hard work in you’re going to come out learning SO MUCH. & remember when I said I barely got any A’s in vet school? I got an A on this rotation and you know it means a lot if I never talk about grades. 

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